DIY + Money Saving Wedding Decor Inspo

When it comes to wedding decor, there are endless opportunities to make the space come alive with your vision. Sometimes once we start to look for the decor that is fitting the vision in our head, we realize that it doesn’t exactly fit the dollar signs in our budget. In this post you’ll find some DIY ideas to save you the money while still not giving up the dream envisioned for your wedding celebration.

Signage + Calligraphy

For your signage + calligraphy, we have found that going to antique shops and thrift stores have been an easy way to gather mirrors and other decor to use as your signage. It’s more cost effective because you have the opportunity to either resell your purchase to other brides or use it for decor in your own home! Most of the mirrors below were purchased for $20-$40 – way cheaper than most wedding rental businesses!

Calligraphy by Flourish Grace

Table cards from Minted 

Cake design by Electric City Bakehouse

Table Assignments

If you’re a bride that enjoys to make each detail personal to you + your future husband like I was, then here is one way to add a personal touch to your table assignments.

Instead of just doing table numbers, you can have each table be named after a special destination. If you’re super ambitious, you can even have those destinations match with the guests seated at them. It did take some time for us to perfectly match destinations with the guests – but it was a touch that we received so many compliments on and everyone was so excited to read our little blurbs about each location once they got to their table!

The framed descriptions of each location were created on Google Docs and the water color added designs were PDF’s purchased through Etsy for $2 and inserted into the documents. We printed them as photographs at Walgreens and framed them.

They were such a hit and if a description directly addressed our guests, they took theirs home as a keepsake. My grandmother’s is still on display in her house!

Table Decor

Macrame by Ropes and Roses
Chair floral decor by Splints and Daisies

A great way to save money + still create the elegant and romantic decor you’ve dreamed for your main table is heading back to those antique and thrift shops for candlesticks. I shopped all around for mine and even got some from my grandmother that belonged to my great grandma!

We found the silver water pourers at a thrift shop and shined them up and bought the tea lights in bulk for .89 cents each!

Macrame is another great way to add some texture to the table. These macrame table runners pictured above were purchased through Anthropologie. We were able to use them for our small California reception and again for the main table at our big hometown reception photographed below.

The napkins and napkin holders were purchased on sale in a Pier 1 sale bin – we got all of them for $35 total. They were a last minute decision but were a great touch out at our California wedding.

Party Favors

Party favors can be a time consuming detail when planning your wedding because you want them to be something a guest would actually want but the closer you get to an ideal gift – the price begins to rise.

Edible party favors usually seem to be the best option as most guests can take them on the way out and eat them on their ride home. However, if you’re looking for something to have that personal touch like we addressed earlier – you can do an alternative approach to the “party favor.”

My husband and I decided to instead spend the money we would have invested in party favors to donate to a scholarship fund in memory of a friend. This was a great way to take the stress away from wrapping individual favors but still kept our guests happy knowing something was donated in honor of their attendance.

We addressed this by the guestbook so guests were aware upon their arrival.

Dessert Design

Wedding cakes can become very costly – especially if you are having a large guest list. There’s nothing more frustrating than having close to $1,000 or even more invested into a cake that only a few people actually eat! Most caterers even pay per person to plate and serve that cake as well!

We suggest getting a small 2-3 tiered cake so that there is enough for those cake eaters, but providing other dessert options so that you aren’t stuck going home with 2 sheet cakes worth of wedding cake by the end of the night.

Cake design by Electric City Bakehouse
Floral design by Splints and Daisies

Truffles, macaroons, donut wall layered in glazed Krispy Kremes, and whoopie pies were huge hits at ours and they allowed for a beautiful dessert display as well! Anything that allows guests to grab + go gives them more time on the dance floor too!

More thrifted items, our cake + dessert tables were found locally and retreated to fit the design of our day. Our dessert table was filled with unique plates thrifted, donated from family members, and found in antique shops across Maryland + Pennsylvania.

Our donut wall was handmade and stained by my father-in-law which helped us save close to $300! If you know anyone good with wood working, this took him no time at all and it came out beautifully.

Filling in Blank Spaces

Creating a space that is completely decorated on a small budget can be time consuming + stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting cheap frames from yard sales, discount stores, or craft store sales with some eucalyptus draped around them can make all the difference.

Give your guests a chance to see inside your relationship + meet your families through photos! It’s a great option especially for cocktail hour to provide them something to look at.

These were our table assignment descriptions we had on each of the tables! We added them to a display as well so guests could read about every location!

Most Importantly - Remember to ENJOY THE DAY

Way too often we get caught up in the details and forget the reason we’re planning this whole thing to begin with. Enjoy the process and the design. If you aren’t enjoying it – it’s not that important. Move on to the things that excite you and come back to the project later if you think it’s necessary. The most important part of the day is the happiness of you + your loved ones because that is all you take with you!

Vendors Featured

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Venue | Friedman Farms 
Catering | Grico’s
Floral Design | Splints and Daisies
Wedding Cake | Electric City Bakehouse 
Calligraphy | Flourish Grace 
Macrame Design | Ropes and Roses
Macarons, Assorted Desserts | Christa Lynn’s 
Truffles, Assorted Desserts | Emerald City Delights
Linen Rentals | Lavender Linens 


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