I’m Engaged! Now what?

If you’re reading this, then congratulations gorgeous! You’re engaged! I always felt getting engaged was one of the more difficult aspects of a relationship because of how much time, money (bling ring $$) and effort it takes to get to that milestone in life! But the fun has just begun…


The first and most important step of planning your wedding day is figuring out what the two of you really want out of it. Most often, wedding planning becomes a lot of other people’s opinions and it can skew your view, pushing you to make decisions you may not have made prior.

SO. Sit down with your significant other and come to a common ground on what your visions are. It’s so important to hear the other person’s point of view – because even though they’re your soulmate – what they have envisioned for their wedding day may not match yours.


Whether you decide on a big traditional wedding, a small intimate ceremony, or an elopement on top of El Capitan in Yosemite, the next step is determining a realistic budget and guest count. This may include conversations with parents and other family contributors, so if that situation applies to you, don’t forget to include them.


Once a clear budget is defined, searching for a venue is the next move. If you’ve followed my advice on completing step one – this should be a fairly easy step! Once you both have a vision for your day, researching venues in your area and seeing how they fit into your budget should be a fun process for both of you. Make a list of your favorites, visit, and compare options and prices. Enjoy it – but don’t forget to keep that maximum budget of yours in mind.

The Most Important Vendor

After the venue is selected and your date deposit is down, I advise to book your photographer first. This is the only tangible thing that will let you relive this monumental day in your life, so you want to make sure you pick a photographer that you love and the strong ones book up fast! If there is one vendor you shouldn’t cut costs on – it’s your photographer – TRUST ME ON THIS.