Planning a Destination Bachelorette Party

Planning a destination bachelorette party can be a big task for your Maid of Honor, so it’s helpful to have a clear idea of what you really want out of yours. If you are slightly a control freak (not Type A in the sense that everything needs to be perfect, but it needs to be worth it since my friends are spending money) type of control freak – then like me, you’ll want to give your Maid of Honor suggestions. If you’re reading this as a MOH of a bride who wants YOU to have FULL control – then hopefully this helps you!


The first step is having an overall budget in mind. With all of your extra wedding expenses, it’s crucial to sit down and figure out realistically what you can afford. You want to be able to ENJOY your bachelorette and not stress out over money.

  • Be mindful that your bridesmaids are also paying for dresses, hair, makeup, and shoes, as well as many details for your bridal shower when making budget decisions. It may even be courteous to ask potential budgets of your maids if you are hoping for them all to attend.

The Destination

One of the most important parts of planning the bachelorette party is deciding on the location. Whether you are dreaming up the perfect Mexico vacation, New Orleans food fest, or a low key winery weekend at the Finger Lakes, the destination should reflect what YOU want! Don’t let the opinions of others sway you too much.

Check costs of flights during the dates you are planning on celebrating, look around at hotel + Air BnB prices, as well as some excursion costs that you are interested in and see if the overall total is in the cards for most of you!


Once a destination is decided + flights are booked, the fun can begin! Creating a loose itinerary keeps the group on track and helps avoid the endless standing around decision making that inevitably happens when you get a bunch of girlfriends together. Having a set list of things to do that the bride is excited about will help prevent others from straying away from the group and ensures the bride is having fun! Here are some ideas:

  • Local Cuisine Restaurants
  • Distillery Tastings
  • Wine Tastings/Wineries
  • Cooking Classes
  • Spa Day
  • Catamaran Day Rentals
  • Speakeasy
  • Comedy Club
  • Drag Queen Brunch
  • Excursions/Tours
  • Live Music
  • Best Shopping Areas

MAKE DINNER RESERVATIONS AHEAD OF TIME. Search around for some hip restaurants that have good local cuisine for your party so you don’t waste your night waiting for a table.

PLAN IDEAL DAYS FOR EXCURSIONS. Leave enough time for recovery and getting ready for the night out if you have a full day excursion planned! Keep the weather in mind for any outdoor events planned!

Following these tips can help make the trip glide smoothly and aims to keep all guests happy.

Welcome Gifts + Decorations

Traditionally, because the Maid of Honor is hosting this bachelorette party – gift bags are put together for guests to receive upon arrival. It’s a nice way to thank your girls for coming together and making the trip. My friends put together the BEST gift bags for my bachelorette trip in New Orleans which were fully equipped with:

  • Drawstring keepsake bags with “New Orleans is Always a Good Idea” (available for any destination)
  • Mini Vodka Bottles + Tomato Juice for Bloody Mary’s
  • The Essentials – Hair ties, mini Advil capsules, Emergen-C, Chapstick
  • Keepsake reusable solo cups with lids
    • these were such a hit because we could use them the entire trip! An extra plus was that NOLA allows you to leave bars and restaurants with your drink! (Just ask for a “roadie”)
  • …and of course we had the beads!!

Another great idea was decorating the room with balloons, confetti, and a photobooth backdrop that were all NOLA themed! My friends decorated the room while a few of us went grocery/liquor shopping and it was a fantastic surprise to come back to. They even had the first dance song that my husband and I would dance to (Queen – You’re My Best Friend) playing as I walked in! Tears were flowing!

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We hope we were able to help with some beginning plans for the best bachelorette ever! We are hoping to have specific location itineraries featured soon! If you have any locations/destinations you’d like to see – reach out and let us know!


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  1. Thank you for the comment about how once you have the flights and things booked, all you have to do is decide what you want to do! My sister is getting married soon and she has tasked me with putting together her bachelorette party. I will be sure to send this to her so she can at least know how to decide what she wants to do.


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